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  • JAN 20, 2020
  • WRITTEN BY: Alex Mullen

Whether you're visiting Cape Town for the first time, are a seasoned local, or buying a gift for someone who lives there, there's no denying it's an incredible place. Humming with life and energy, Cape Town is a multicultural hotbed of food, adventure, and possibility, boasting breath-taking natural beauty from Table Mountain to Robben Island. If you're looking for things to do in Cape Town, there's no shortage of amazing activities. Browse our favourite Cape Town experiences below to find the perfect day out for yourself or a loved one. 


Let’s start in the most obvious place. If you’re new to Cape Town and want the best way to see the sights, a guided tour is a great option. Tour guides are tour guides for a reason, and they’ll inject enthusiasm and expertise into any experience. Whether you want to amble by foot, speed through the sights via trike, or experience Cape Town by scooter, there’s a tour to suit. Find the best of Cape Town with the following sightseeing tours:

Cape Town Table Mountain Scootour Experience - R 650 

Experience the beauty of Cape Town and Table Mountain from the unique vantage point of a scooter! That’s right; rather than navigating Table Mountain’s pristine natural beauty on foot, this experience encourages guests to take in the sights from an adult-sized fat tire non-motorised scooter… try saying that three times fast. 

This two-hour adventure begins at the lower Table Mountain information office. There, guests will meet their expert instructor for the experience. Everyone will get kitted out in helmets and gloves, before being transported to the top of Signal Hill. While you take in the breath-taking surroundings, your guide will fill you in on the history and local stories of the area, but this isn’t just a sightseeing tour… this experience also serves up a helping of adrenaline as you zoom to the bottom on your unique vehicle. If you're not ready to go home just yet, fear not. The group will be transported up again, this time to Dead Man's Tree on Table Mountain. The eco-friendly scooters are easy to ride, smoothly gliding down to Deer Park where you'll once again be taken to the start point. This is definitely sightseeing with a difference!

Cape Town Township and Robben Island Tour - R 1590

One of the most fascinating aspects of Cape Town’s culture is its rich history. This incredibly affecting Cape Town Township and Robben Island Tour is the perfect way to take in some of that history, and connect in a meaningful way with the local culture. During this tour, you’ll meet locals and discover the true meaning of Ubuntu. You’ll take a trip to Robben Island, where you’ll discover Langa; the oldest township of its type in Cape Town. Learn its history, and become immersed in the culture of its residents.

Established in 1972 as a suburb for black Africans before the apartheid era, Langa later became a hotbed of resistance to the regime. Today, poverty, overcrowding and poor living conditions remain prevalent, yet the township is also a place of great strength and humanity. After your visit to Langa, you’ll cross the city and take a boat trip to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela and many other anti-apartheid figures were imprisoned from 1961-1991. The former Maximum Security Prison is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and museum—a place to reflect on South Africa’s troubled history and the hope of a better future for all its people.

Signal Hill Sunset Trike Tour for 2 - R 1700

Whether you’re looking to purchase for a loved one, or just want a romantic evening out, this Signal Hill Sunset Trike Tour for 2 is the perfect escape. Your tour begins at the V&A Waterfront two hours before sunset. From here, you’ll begin your journey south through Cape Town towards Sea Point and Camps Bay, before circling up to Signal Hill in time for sundown. Is there a better way to spend an evening than sipping sparkling wine while enjoying a perfect sunset? The Signal Hill sunset is second to none; the sight of the African sun dipping beneath the horizon, staining the sky a myriad of colours whilst silhouetting Robben Island in the distance. 


Cape Town is the home of adventure! With its wealth of majestic mountains and cliffs just waiting to be climbed, fascinating wildlife, and stretches of glittering water, there’s no shortage of adventure to be had in Cape Town. Take advantage of the great outdoors with the following gifts:

One Hour Falconry Hawk Walk in Cape Town - R 300

If you’re crazy about wildlife, Cape Town has no shortage of fascinating experiences for you - but let’s begin with this one: a one-hour falconry hawk walk, perfect for those interested in the practice of falconry, and the fascinating history behind it. For millennia, resourceful humans have made birds of prey their formidable hunting companions. In the Far East, records of falconry date to well beyond 1000 BC, and the practice is recognised by UNESCO as a ‘living human heritage’. Today, hunting no longer takes precedence, but birds are still kept and displayed for the purposes of rehabilitation, conservation and education. This unique Stellenbosch experiences promotes these key modern objectives, and offers a truly timeless natural encounter. You’ll start with a brief introduction at the eco-tourism centre, before embarking on an hour’s guided walk through the region’s stunning native bushveld, accompanied by two majestic Harris Hawks. These unbelievably charismatic birds have become increasingly popular among contemporary falconers, who favour their aerial prowess and social disposition. Throughout the gentle hike, your new feathered friends will follow the group freely – periodically swooping to and from your gloved arms!

112 Metre Abseil from Table Mountain - R 1195

The perfect gift for intrepid adventurers! This 112 metre abseil from Table Mountain features hiking and breath-taking natural beauty, making for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. You’ll begin your experience with a welcome from the expert instructors, and a safety demonstration. From here, take a cable cart to the chosen location of the abseil to begin your thrilling 112 metre descent down Table Mountain. You’ll feel like a true explorer as you descend the mountain and absorb your unbelievable surroundings from 1067 metres above sea level. If the idea of abseiling down Table Mountain makes you a tad nervous, don’t worry; your capable instructors will be by your side every step of the way. Experts in their field, they’ll make you feel at ease while you conquer your fears! Once your abseil is complete, there’s a short and relatively easy hike back up the mountain to once again enjoy the views. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment and the cable cart ride back down to the bottom of Table Mountain. Days out don’t get much better than this!

Adventure Day and Cliff Jump at Kamikaze Kanyon - R 1395

This action-packed adventure day showcases just how unforgettable a Cape Town adventure can be! You’ll start your day with a welcome from the staff, and a quick run through of any safety requirements. Next, you’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast while you get to know your fellow adventurers. Once you’re fuelled and ready for your day, you’ll begin hiking to various rock pools for some heart-pounding cliff-jumping! If that wasn’t enough of an adrenaline rush, you’ll then go onto complete a 65m waterfall abseil, where trained instructors will offer guidance and support as you descend to the bottom. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Thunder Falls while you and the rest of the group tucks into a well-deserved lunch. Back at the Steenbras River Gorge pools, you’ll enjoy more cliff jumping, then head to Sunbird Lodge for a light dinner and a sundowner. A truly action-packed experience for those who like to walk on (or jump from) the wild side!


Put the pedal to the metal! Whether you’re a total petrol head or buying for someone who is, feel the need for speed with our range of supercar and driving adventures. From feeling the luxury of driving a top-of-the-line supercar to quad biking in the Atlantis Dunes, everyone is catered for with the following Cape Town driving experiences:

5 Car Driving Experience - R 6999

If you know someone who’s seriously into cars (and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people who are into cars are really into cars) then this supercar driving experience with 5 cars is perfect for them. Or, perhaps you’re feeling the need for speed yourself? Treat yourself to the luxury of driving a top-of-the-line supercar around a purpose-built track. During this adrenaline-pumping experience, participants can drive 5 cars from an impressive fleet, including the Ferrari California 430s, Nissan GTR, Lamborghini LP560-4 (coupe and a cabrio), Porsche 991, Audi R8- V10 Spyder, and Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

1 Hour Atlantis Dunes Quad Biking Experience for 2 - R 1700

From the track to the dunes… this unique experience is an unforgettable way to experience quad biking and take in the stunning Atlantis Dunes at the same time. This experience voucher is valid for two people, so bring a lucky guest along for an hour of sand, sun and speed! 

This thrilling quad bike adventure is perfect for complete beginners and seasoned pro’s. You’ll begin your day with a briefing session from your expert instructor who will ensure you are both comfortable and confident on the bikes, which are 250cc Suzuki LTZ 250’s, perfect for navigating the terrain of the dunes. Your bikes will make it over every mound with ease, and reach some impressive speeds whilst doing so! Zoom up and down the landscape after the guide for the full duration of the tour, zig-zagging and circling over hills and dips, accelerating down slip faces and controlling the bike on inclines. You won’t be forgetting this adventure in a hurry…

Ariel Atom High Speed Passenger Ride - R 1029

This unforgettable Ariel Atom passenger ride is the perfect experience for those who aren’t keen on sitting in the driver’s seat but still want to experience the thrill of a high-speed ride! Buckle up and let a professional driver show you exactly what these cars can do with two laps of the track, available at either Killarney Circuit in Cape Town or Zwartkops Circuit in Pretoria. 

You’ll begin your day with registration at the welcome desk. From there, your instructor will talk you through what to expect from the ride, and give you a safety briefing ahead of your scheduled time slot. Get strapped in and feel the adrenaline start to pulse as the clock counts down… 3, 2, 1… Go! These drivers are experts in their field and have driven the circuits countless times, so you're guaranteed a gut-wrenching ride as you hurl down long straights and round bends at breakneck speed. With kids as young as 5 able to take part, this is a fantastic experience for thrill-seeking youngsters or anyone without a licence!


Take to the skies! If you want to soar like a bird, or just to enjoy a bird’s eye view from the safety of a piloted helicopter, fulfil your dreams with an unforgettable Cape Town flying experience. 

Tandem Paragliding Experience Cape Town - R 1300

Paragliding is widely considered to be the flying experience most similar to flying like a bird. Why not experience the amazing sensation of flight with this Tandem Paragliding Experience in Cape Town? Launching from Signal Hill or Lion’s Head, you’ll glide serenely with stunning views of the city below – not to mention the stunning mountain or coastline. 

Meeting your experienced instructor at a prearranged location, you can let go of any nerves or unease as you are briefed on what’s to come. When you’re prepared for your experience, you’ll make your way to the launch point, where you’ll be fastened to the pilot’s harness ready for take-off. If there's a good wind, you'll only take a few steps, before the canopy inflates - and you have lift off! Taking advantage of naturally rising air currents, your pilot will guide you in lazy circles - giving you plenty of opportunity to admire the scenery and take photos. Free of noisy engines or propellers, they'll happily answer any questions you have concerning flying conditions or techniques. Otherwise, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride in peace, before finally returning to solid ground.

Two Oceans Scenic Helicopter Flight in Cape Town - R 2700

If you’d prefer a more traditional way of flying, this Two Oceans Helicopter Flight in Cape Town might be perfect for you. Anyone who’s been to Cape Town can attest its rugged landscape and unique buildings are a sight to behold, and there’s no better way to see them than from the vantage point of a helicopter! Your 25 minute tour begins at the V&A waterfront. Here, you’ll meet your friendly crew and go through some safety features of the flight. The sensation of taking off in a helicopter is a unique one not to be missed – but don’t forget to look out the window at the marvellous view as you ascend. Highlights include Table Mountain, Twelve Apostles Mountain range, Chapman’s Peak drive and the Indian Ocean side of False Bay. When your tour is complete, you’ll end back at the V&A Waterfront. This experience also includes a City Sightseeing Bus ticket – so you can take in the sights from the ground as well as the sky. 


Cape Town is well known for being home to incredible, cutting-edge cuisine, as well as traditional favourites. However, South Africa’s biggest export is of course its wine – which is widely considered to be the superior region. And who are we to argue? Browse our favourite Cape Town wine tastings and food experiences below.

Cape Town's Food Tour Thursdays - R 1100

Get ready for an unforgettable food journey through Cape Town! You’ll begin your tour at one of Cape Town’s many great artisan coffee roasters, where you’ll learn about how it’s produced, different brewing methods, and of course, tastings! From here, you’ll be guided on a culinary journey through Cape Town. Highlights include incredible producers of cheese, chocolates, meats and craft beers, to delectable wines and traditional snacks. You will have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of food and drink, so make sure to arrive hungry!

Eco Wine Safari and Tasting in Paarl - R 300

This eco wine safari and tasting in Paarl is ideal for anyone interested in vegan and eco-friendly wine production – or just as an excuse to drink wine in the sun! (Not that we need one…)

Your day begins in the tasting gallery, where there’ll be an introduction to the Estate over a glass of Methode Cap Classique, before climbing into the tractor train for a tour of the vineyard. Your guide will talk through various methods Avondale farmers use to revolutionise the wine-making process, implementing bio-dynamic practices that get the Mother Nature seal of approval. During your experience you’ll enjoy a wine tasting in the vineyard, a tour of the gravity flow cellar where slow wine production takes place, and end back at the tasting gallery where you can take in the incredible Klein Drakenstein mountains, or have a wander through the exhibitions and artworks on display.

Vegan Pop-up Dinner Experience in Cape Town - R 399

Whether you're as plant-based as cashew cheese or as carnivorous as Colonel Sanders, we could probably all do with cutting back on our meat and dairy, and taking a look at how our food affects us and the planet... or y'know, maybe you want to skip the environmental lesson and head straight to the vegan cheese without passing 'GO'. That's fine too, and this vegan pop up dinner experience in Cape Town will serve you all kinds of vegan goodness to help open your eyes up to how great food without animal products can truly be. (Spoiler alert: pretty great.) You’ll meet two local Green Point Village residents at their home for a BYOB vegan feast of dreams! Sit down at the communal dining table, and tuck into a seasonal vegan menu prepared by plant-based culinary masterminds Patrick and Karen. Meals vary based on what inventive ingredients they’ve gathered that season, but typically includes both savoury and sweet dishes, a welcome drink, a vegan cheeseboard and tea / coffee. Just a few past favourites have included chilled pea and mint velouté, vegan lox, apple crumble with almond cream, caramel panna cotta and handmade chocolate truffles. Cape Town hospitality at its best – don’t mind if we do!


If you know a creative type who is local to Cape Town, or are looking to get stuck into a new hobby yourself, browse our range of inventive, artistic lessons and classes. We think 2020 might just be the year you pick up a new skill!

Private Couples Tango Lesson in Cape Town - R 600

Why not make 2020 the year you learn to dance? Whether this is a secret ambition of yours or something you and your partner have been talking about for a while, there’s no denying that dancing is great for the mind and body. And with this class, you’ll learn one of the most exciting dances; the Argentine Tango! Your teacher, Rachael, is a seasoned pro, and will make you feel right at ease in your dancing shoes, even if you have two left feet. Rachael draws upon her wealth of experience – much of it gained among the world’s best teachers and in the late-night milongas of Buenos Aires – to offer a uniquely holistic approach to dance. This encompasses mind, body and spirit, with emphasis on the non-verbal communication and mindful connection between partners. Whatever your ability, you’ll be delighted by your improvement after just an hour!

Perfume Making Workshop in Cape Town - Diamond Package - R 750

A unique gift for creative types! This perfume making workshop in Cape Town is led by one of the venue’s experienced perfume experts. Whether you’re interested in perfumery or know someone who loves a signature scent, this is an unforgettable day out. Your resident perfume expert will be on-hand to offer guidance as you explore a stunning range of scents imported from Grasse, France; the world’s perfume capital. You’ll learn which fragrances complement one another, and marvel at their ability to evoke memories of people, places and experiences. Complimentary Champagne, hot drinks, cheese and snack platters are all available, and your voucher includes entry to the exclusive perfume museum – the first of its kind in South Africa, and a fascinating insight into the ancient art. Finally, you’ll leave with a bottle of your unique creation, plus a luxurious scented body cream.

Full Day Cape Town Mosaic Craft Workshop - R 1500 

For a fascinating artistic experience in Cape Town, look no further than this mosaic workshop!
Throughout history, many cultures have used mosaics to adorn the floors, walls and ceilings of their proudest monuments. From the earliest known examples in Mesopotamia, to the gold leaf embellishments of Byzantium, to Antoni Gaudi's technicolour Parc Güell in Barcelona, mosaics feature among art history's greatest achievements. Contemporary artists are still breathing new life into the form - and today you're one of them! During the session, you'll each receive two sheets of tiles, thirty neutral background colours, and a mirror or bird bath base. Using the glue and tile cutter provided, you'll create your own bold design - if necessary, taking inspiration from artworks around the room and the advice of your experienced teacher. After six hours, you'll leave with your completed piece - to be displayed proudly, or given as unique and personal gift.


Anyone local to Cape Town will know its beaches are second to none. Why not take advantage of the picture-perfect blue water that surrounds Cape Town with one of the below adventures?

Couples Sunset Boat Cruise in Cape Town - R 900 

Treat your partner to a romantic experience on the water! This hour and a half tour departs from the V&A Waterfront, allowing plenty of time to sail out to sea ready for the sunset. The boat will either head to Clifton 4th Beach or Table Bay depending on the weather, giving guests unparalleled views of the sun dropping below the horizon in one direction and the famous 12 Apostles in the other. On-board staff will provide passengers with a welcome glass of sparkling wine to add that touch of luxury to an already
high-class experience. 

Snorkel with Seals in Cape Town - R 850

Cape Town is known for its fascinating history, beautiful landscape, and indigenous wildlife, so why not take part in an experience which offers a chance to witness one of its friendliest animals in their natural habitat; snorkelling with the Cape Fur Seal!

The experience begins on arrival at the harbour where you'll be introduced to the team, then go over a quick safety briefing and wetsuit fitting to ensure you're properly kitted out for your aquatic adventure. The instructors will also give you a short training session using the mask and snorkel, just to make sure you're confident in the water. Once prepped you'll board the boat and head out to sea, dropping anchor in a prime seal spotting location! Snorkelling is a great activity to take part in if you’re looking to experience the incredible wildlife and sea creatures that live below the water’s surface, without having to complete any diving courses. After a couple hours of snorkelling excitement your group will board the boat once more and finish up with hot drinks and snacks.

High Speed RIB Ride at The V&A Waterfront - R 600

A truly unique adventure for locals and tourists alike! Experience Cape Town from the seat of a RIB, and prepare to be blown away. You’ll meet at the dive shop, where there’ll be some paperwork to complete before a quick guides’ safety briefing. Once that’s over, you’ll board the Gemini 850 RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and set off towards Granger Bay, Sea Point and Clifton. On the way, you’ll pass some of the Cape’s most iconic landmarks, including Lion’s Head and the Twelve Apostles. There will also be opportunities to spot a variety of marine wildlife, including penguins, seals, dolphins, sunfish and even whales. Hold on to your hats though! This is a high-speed boat ride, after all, and there’ll be a few exciting twists and turns to keep the adrenaline pumping. After 30 minutes, you’ll be left windswept and ready for more!

Thank you for reading!

… And that concludes our favourite things to do in Cape Town. We hope you’ve found something perfect from our list, but if you’re still searching, browse our full range of Cape Town gifts here. Cape Town is a truly unique place with so much to offer, so why not explore it with a unique experience? If you have any questions about our experiences, leave us a comment – we’d love to hear from you!


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