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Charity Auction Prizes

Here at Experience Days we are proud to be involved with and support a number of charities and charitable causes.

Due to the large volume of requests that we receive every day, unfortunately, we can not donate experiences to every cause. However, we are able to offer one of two different forms of donation, depending on the cause and type of event.

For companies and registered charities, we would be happy to donate a gift voucher, up to the value of R500.00 - this can be an open gift certificate or an experience gift of your choosing - usually in exchange for some form of PR or marketing at your event. Please drop us an email or fill in our contact form for more information.

If co promotion from the charitable organisation is not possible, we have a charity scheme whereby we provide any of our experiences to the auction at “cost price”. These experiences can be given to any registered charity, and can then be auctioned at your discretion. We work with hundreds of activity providers and we are more than happy to offer these experiences to you at the price that we pay.

The logistics of our voucher scheme also allows the invoice to be created after the event, meaning that you do not have to pay for the experiences that you have sold until after the auction. This means that you are under no obligation to purchase the experience unless you actually make over the cost price.

We have offered this scheme for a number of years now, and have supported a great number of charities during this time. We have enjoyed supplying the vouchers to the auction winners once they have sold, and it would appear as though the desirable nature of our experiences make for great auction items:

“I had great success with 3 items at our auction - the 2 seater aeroplane lesson, fly with a fighter pilot and introduction to indoor skydiving!”

The Castle School for Special Needs Children

“Our Donkey Summer Fair on Sunday was a great success. We received plenty of bids on our Silent Auction stand which was brilliant. The ZapCat Experience proved popular amongst the visitors, with the winning bid for this experience day helping us to bring our total on the silent auction stand to over £190, which is fantastic!”
Elisabeth Svendsen Trust, Donkey Summer Fair.

We can provide you with ‘dummy’ vouchers to hold up and show during the auction, and you can of course use any of our text, logos and imagery - providing we are credited.

If you would like help with finding or booking the perfect experience for charity auctions, please click here to make an enquiry.