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I don't know about you, but I adore beautifully decorated cakes, especially those created with incredible skill and bright colours. So, we thought it would be a great idea to interview Linda, from Sugar Cakes, who answered all important questions relating to her wonderful company and her cake decorating experience which is offered on our website. Linda mentions when and how Sugar Cakes was created along with finding out her favourite cake sculptures from the past 8 years of creation. 

Please tell us, how did Sugar Cakes begin?

Sugar Cakes was established in 2010. I am a solo baker and Cake Artist. I work from a small Atelier in Vierlanden, Durbanville.  All my creations are created uniquely by myself, from the baking to the very last flower that is added on your cake. So very hands on personal detail to make your cake very special. Cake artistry for me is the same as a painter with a clear canvas, a fashion designer or any other type of design work. You start from scratch and design and create something that is unique, beautiful and eye catching. I also love creating figurines and life size cake sculptures. 

One of my favourite figurines that I created was a cake sculpture of Marie Antoinette. I've always loved to work with my hands and to be creative. I previously owned a pottery business before I stated with my cake design business and loved designing dinner services and tea sets. I do what I do because it's the best way I can bare my soul. I absolutely love to design and create.

At what age did you first start baking and realise you had a passion for cake decorating?

I’ve always loved baking and creating new decadent tastes and textures. so there really is no age to be added, it’s always been a love a mine.

Do you have a favourite cake that you have created in the past? If so, could we see a picture of it?

I have various favourites, from Wedding cakes, cake sculpturing work as well as International Cake Collaborations and magazines.  Each cake is very special to me as each are created individually and are unique with textures, size, creativity as well as handmade flowers.


What words of advice would you give to unconfident cake decorator looking to complete one of your classes for the first time?

I present Cake Decorating classes to local and International Students on a weekly basis anything from a 2 hour to 10 day full day workshops to suit every customer. My words of advice would be just be yourself, relax and come enjoy the soft background music. Each of us is different, and you will not believe what beautiful creativity you have within you until you come and create a flower etc when the correct skills and techniques are applied.  All my classes are presented step by step, so whether you are a first-time cake decorator or advanced, the classes are always relaxing and very popular where you will learn various skills and techniques. Indulge in all the inspiration in the Sugar Cakes studio and enjoy every minute of it. 

What three words would you use to describe your wonderful company?

No 3 words, I would rather say ”In order to be irresistible one must always be different”.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future of Sugar Cakes?

Sugar Cakes is now an established local small business in the greater Cape Town area. My short-term goal for the business is to focus more on specialized training for local and international cake artists. With the focus on new trends, skills and techniques, cake decorating techniques change on a daily basis, so there is always new textures, skills, tools and techniques.

South Africa is such a beautiful country and international artists can combine a specialized course at Sugar Cakes with a tour of our winelands, coastal resorts and the inland wildlife.

My medium to longer term goals are to present specialised classes to cake artists internationally.

Thank you Linda for finding the time to complete our partner interview. We loved seeing your wonderful pictures from previous cake creations and really liked hearing your words of advice for unconfident cake decorators. It's certainly made me want to have a go!


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