What's a Scootour, I hear you say? Think micro-scooter combined with mountain bike, plus a guided city tour, and you've got yourself a Scootour! These unique and innovative experiences seemed too fun to pass up, so we made sure to get one booked in before we had to leave Cape Town.

We met our guides EK and G at the Table Mountain car park, then hopped in the van for the first ride up Signal Hill. They were super friendly and chatted away the whole time, letting us know what we were getting ourselves in to and explaining how the day is organised.

At the top of the hill we were given helmets and gloves, then taken through a brief training session on how to steer, brake, and control the scooters - and we were off! After about ten seconds Michelle and I both realised that this wasn't going to be the gentle downhill jaunt we'd been expecting; the slopes were steep, the ground uneven, and the scooters go fast. It was clear the experience was going to be far more extreme than we'd anticipated!

G was a great guide and very patient with us (well, with me and Michelle, Robb was fine). Luckily we had a private tour, otherwise I would have felt guilty for holding up other people! It does get easier though, and as my confidence grew I started to really enjoy the speed - and could even take my eyes off the road long enough to appreciate the amazing views!

EK was waiting with the van at the bottom of the run ready to take us up for Round 2, this time on Table Mountain. This route had more slopes, bends, and narrow tracks that showed off the scooters' capabilities (and my lack of), so was a lot more adventurous than the first run. There were even a couple of jumps at the end! 

Overall, I have to say this experience wasn't what I was expecting, but in a good way! It's a lot more physical than I'd imagined, but that was probably a good thing after two weeks of lying by a pool. Huge thanks to EK and G for providing such a fantastic experience, I'd recommend the Scootour to anyone looking for outdoor action and scenic views!


Signal Hill Paragliding Experience Review


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