Quad Biking in South Africa

Quad Biking in South Africa

  • DEC 5, 2018
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Quad biking is a fun and adventurous form of driving that allows you to explore all manner of terrains. Also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATV), quad bikes are powerful four-wheeled machines that are built for off-road driving, utilising robust wheels and central balancing that make it easy to drive over rocky paths, through muddy trails, and even over sand dunes! In South Africa, quad bikes are ideal for discovering the diverse landscape, and there are plenty of tour providers ready to take you out on an unforgettable experience. During this article we’ve listed our favourite quad bike experiences that cover a range of terrains and locations, so strap on your helmets, rev your engines, and let’s go!

History of Quad Biking

Quad bikes have been around since as long ago as the 19th century when they were designed to replace horse-drawn carriages, but were different to cars in that they were steered by handle bars, rather than steering wheels. The three-wheel powered bike came next in the 1960s, with Honda leading the industry in terms of innovation and design. Honda are still currently producing three-wheeled bikes – check out the Honda Neo Wing! The military were also at the forefront of ATV development, due to the ease of personal mobility and tough exterior, plus the adaptability of a vehicle that can power through water, mud and gravel without breaking down – not what you want in a combat situation!

Slogging through the mud on a Polaris with nearly indestructible NPTs | Image Credit: www.bikebandit.com

Slogging through the mud on a Polaris with nearly indestructible NPTs

Over time, quad bikes became more reliable and affordable, and were soon snapped up by farmers and landowners to aid with travel around large rural areas where roads weren’t available. Before long the tourism industry got involved, and now there are hundreds of varieties of quad bike experience, from sightseeing adventures to tactical obstacle courses. Because quad bikes are easy to use and don’t require much expertise (you don’t even need a driver’s licence), they’re perfect for off-road tours that cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Coming up next is a comprehensive list of our quad biking top picks, great for tourists who want to see the sights or unique experience gifts for thrill-seekers. If you’re already sold on the idea then have a look at our Quad Bike category here - if not then read on for more information!

Quad Biking Experiences

ATV tours and experiences are generally suitable for all ages, abilities and budgets, so you’re sure to find an activity that makes a fun family day out or an experience gift they’ll never forget. From the sandy shores of Western Cape to sprawling game reserves in Gauteng, there’s a quad biking adventure for everyone!

Western Cape

Specialising in horse rides, wagon trails and quad biking treks, Wine Valley Adventures is your one-stop shop for sightseeing experiences in the Winelands. The quad bike tours take place on Rhebokskloof Wine Farm in Paarl, and can be booked in 30, 60, 90, and 120 minute packages. Everyone knows that the Cape Winelands are where you find the best vineyards in the country, but meandering through the rows of vines on the back of a powerful quad bike adds a whole other level to the winery experience – one that you won’t forget in a hurry! Each tour begins with a safety briefing and demonstration of the bike’s controls (so don’t worry if you’ve never ridden one before), lead by an expert guide who is as knowledgeable about the vehicles as the grape varietals you’re passing by. With views of Du Toit’s Kloof Mountain as a backdrop, there are few other wine farm quad biking experiences that can compare!

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Adventure Zone Cullinan offer two types of quad biking trail; a one hour trek, or a two hour safari. If you’re anything like us, and you like to get the most out of your experiences and see the best of South Africa, we can’t recommend the quad safari enough. Giraffes, zebra, wildebeest spotting on the back of a quad bike? Yes please! The experience includes all the equipment you’ll need, professional guides who will make sure you’re confident on the quad, and a refreshments break half way – there might even be opportunity for a swim! Enjoying a safari on your own vehicle is very different to traditional driven tours, there’s simply no feeling like accelerating across the bushveld with wildlife going about their business on either side. Over 25km you’ll get the chance to see a variety of interesting landmarks and curious animals, all from a totally unique perspective that cannot be found elsewhere.

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The Atlantis dunes are a unique and distinctive landscape in Western Cape, spanning over 20 square kilometres just outside of central Cape Town. With no marked trail laid out, a one hour experience with Head Out Quad Bike Tours is a mixture of high-speed thrills, undulating terrain, and some of the best scenery on the western coast. Head Out also have some of the lowest age restrictions in the industry, with children as young as 12 able to drive a quad themselves, and younger children able to ride along with an adult. This means no one has to miss out on the bright white sands that stretch for miles around, and the excitement of creating fresh tracks as the quads power across the undisturbed landscape. The guides are on hand at all times to ensure you’re feeling confident at the controls and are able to keep up with the group, which are always kept small in numbers so you get the best possible experience.

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Western Cape

A quad bike experience run by a Tuk-Tuk company that features great white shark spotting? You read correctly, on top of Stellenbosch wine tours (which you can purchase on our website!), Tuk Tuk Stellies also offer quad bike nature trails up Franskraal mountain where you can look out over Dyer Island – the great white shark capital of the world. During this two hour trek you’ll receive training on how to use the bikes and what types of terrain to expect, before setting off through indigenous forest and fynbos, over sand and streams, and finally up the rocky trail to reach the viewpoint at the precipice. The scenery around you is sure to take your breath away, and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to spot native birds, sealife – and hopefully some great whites! The tour guide is more than able to answer any questions about the plant and wildlife in the area, making this experience as informative as it is exciting.

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Free State

As far as quad biking in the Free State province goes, Earth Adventures are the guys you want to call. For as little as R300 per person you can enjoy a one hour trek along the Vaal River or across the Vredefort Dome, with a local guide leading the way and pointing out the many notable landmarks on the route. If you’ve never driven a quad bike before then don’t worry, every experience starts with a training session and the flat landscape is one of the easiest to traverse, covering mostly grassland and rocky trails – but there are some man made obstacles along the way to make it more challenging! If you’ve ever wanted to see the Vredefort Crater from a unique perspective then a quad trail is definitely the way to go, and a sightseeing experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. It’s also one of the closest quad biking experiences to Johannesburg, and at this price, there’s really no excuse not to!

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Don’t let the name put you off, there’s no risk involved with a High Stakes quad trail – they’re professionals! There are very few quad biking experiences in KwaZulu-Natal, but High Stakes is located conveniently close to Durban so it’s accessible to city dwellers as well as those further out – and they offer a whole host of adventure activities on top of quad trails. There’s motocross, clay pigeon shooting, archery, zip-lining, paintballing and 4x4 driving to choose from, but if it’s quad biking you’re after, you’re in safe hands. The instructors have years of experience under their belts, and will ensure you’re confident on the bikes before heading off into the wooded landscape. If you’re feeling nervous then the trail will be adjusted to suit your ability level, so there’s no fear of being left behind! This experience is fantastic for beginners who want to try out the thrills of quad biking, and makes a great day out for Durbanites.

If animal conservation, preservation, and education are important to you, then \Wildthingz Lodge in Limpopo offer the ultimate experience. Located on a reserve dedicated to protecting indigenous wildlife, Wildthingz offer guests and visitors the chance to explore the animals’ natural habitats on the back of a quad bike, providing a more personal interaction than a regular safari. With antelope, zebra, giraffes and wildebeest wandering freely, you’re sure to catch a glimpse as you traverse their watering holes, rocky outcrops, and even an old quarry. All safety equipment including helmets and goggles is provided, as well as basic training so you’re confident enough to take your eyes off the path to watch the animals! This truly is the best way to experience the diversity of the plant life, animal species, and natural architecture of Limpopo’s landscape, and would make an excellent day to share with friends. The lodge also offers big cat experiences and highly rated accommodation, so you could make a whole weekend out of it!

Induna Adventures, Mpumalanga

Last but not least, we have Induna Adventures located in Hazyview, Mpumalanga. With over 40 quad bikes on site, Induna is the master of group activities and team-building events, bringing people together over a shared love of adventure and high-speed thrills. Hop on a quad and let an expert instructor show you the ropes, before zooming round purpose-built trails that wind through forests and sprawling blue gum plantations. Quad trails can be booked in one, two, or four hour packages, so there’s plenty of time to explore the landscape and see the sights, which include breath-taking waterfalls and streams. Induna Adventures is great for large groups of people because they can assign people to instructors based on their ability level, and ensure everyone has a great time without struggling to keep up or miss out on the glorious surroundings – so remember them for your next corporate outing or fun day with the family!

We Wheelie Hope You Enjoyed Our Article!

That brings our quad biking top picks list to an end, but there are plenty more across the country if we haven’t covered your area. Better still, if you know of other quad biking experiences in South Africa that we haven’t mentioned, please let us know in the comments section below! As always, we can’t overstate how amazing an experience is as a unique gift idea, and quad biking is one of those activities that always goes down well. Check out our full range of quad bike driving experiences here and come back soon for more exciting things to do in South Africa!

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