Spa packages come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be quite difficult to choose the one that's right for you, and even more difficult to choose a spa day that makes a good gift for a loved one. When in doubt, allowing the recipient a variety of treatments is always a safe bet, as this ensures they get a head-to-toe pampering - and you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong treatment!

The Pure Bliss spa package at Life Day Spa Waterfront is ideal for this exact scenario, as it includes a full body massage, energising facial, manicure, pedicure, and use of the spa facilities, all for only R1800. Not only is this an amazing deal, but Life Day Spa is also popular with celebrities, so obviously I had to try it out for myself and give an Experience Days verdict!

The spa is located in the heart of the V&A Waterfront, overlooking the Cape Wheel and various old harbour buildings, conveniently close to several parking lots. The reception is all slate and glass and tinkling water features, giving a luxury feel before you even step over the threshold. I was greeted on arrival and shown through to the lounge area where I filled in a consultation form, then followed the receptionist through to the changing rooms - spa days aren't complete without the customary robe and slippers!

Up first was the full body massage, so after a quick chat with my therapist about my skin type and any injuries, she was away. There's only so much you can say about a Swedish massage, but generalisations aside, it was amazing! The facial was the second treatment, which was more personal to my specific skin type. My therapist and I had a discussion about my current skincare routine, so she could choose products and treatments that would be most beneficial. This was by far my favourite part of the whole spa day, as it felt above and beyond a regular treatment, and gave me plenty of tips to go home with.

Donning my robe once more, the next part of the spa package took place in the mani-pedi section of the spa, in front of the large glass windows looking out to the Waterfront. First I chose a colour for my nails, then settled in the hotseat for my manicure and hand massage. When I read 'hot stone hand massage' on the description I thought maybe this was a mistake, but no, it's a real thing! After wrapping one arm in a warm bootie (or whatever the hand equivalent is, glovey?), the therapist ran two hot stones up and down my forearm, around my hand and in between my fingers. Can't say I've ever had a hand massage like that before, but it felt quite incredible! She then swapped to the other hand, before expertly filing and shaping my nails, and painting them in my chosen colour.

Whilst my fingernails were drying we moved over to the pedicure station, where I took a seat and soaked my feet in a warm foot tub for a while. It was then bootie time again, whilst the other foot received a similar hot stone massage - equally as amazing on your feet. Once more my therapist buffed, filed and polished my nails, matching the colour to my fingernails while I sipped a cappuccino. And that was that for the treatments!

I still had full use of the spa facilities however, which include a steam room and heated indoor pool with relaxation area. I treated myself to a glass of sparkling wine (because why not), and settled myself on a lounger with my book, perfectly happy lying there in the warmth of the pool room for as long as I dared. After a dip in the pool I was ready to head home, fully and gloriously relaxed from head to glittery toes.

All in all I give the Pure Bliss spa package at Life Day Spa Waterfront a solid 10/10, especially for its attention to detail and value for money. I'd recommend this pamper day as a unique gift idea for birthdays and Mother's Day, but can also be enjoyed as a treat for you and your girlfriends!


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