Rally Driving

Rally driving as a motorsport is still relatively modern; its exact origins are unclear but its thought to date back to the early 20th century, where spectators and participants were thrilled by the liberal rules and danger of off-road driving. Gone were the strict guidelines of the racing circuits, instead replaced by tyres spinning on gravel and sliding rounds corners at top speeds. The sport has continued to grow over the years, developing into a hugely popular industry that hosts Championships across the world. Treat a petrol-head in your life to the ultimate driving day with a Rally Driving experience gift!

Showing 2 experiences


Showing 2 experiences


Rally Driving Experience in Pretoria

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Get behind the wheel of a powerful rally car during this thrilling experience near Pretoria!

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Rally Hotseat Passenger Experience in Pretoria

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Experience the heart-pounding thrill that professional rally drivers experience with this high-octan...

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Questions & Answers

Rally driving experiences take place at the Sun Carousel Casino in Pretoria, approximately 100km outside of Johannesburg.

You do not need a licence, however participants must have a basic knowledge of manual driving and be familiar with changing gears.

The rally circuit is open Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year, with regular slots available on each day. Please give 2-3 weeks notice for a reservation.